Looking after your hair during lockdown

Looking after your hair during lockdown

It’s a very crazy world out there at the moment, and while we don’t know will happen over the next few months, we do know how you can look after your hair. 

With many individuals and families isolating and unable to leave the house, we thought we’d share our top tips for looking after your hair when you can’t get into the salon. 

1. Cut back on styling

While you won’t be out wining and dining over the next couple of weeks, boredom and routine can see you styling your hair just as much as usual. 

Use this time to give your hair a heat detox and embrace your natural curls, kinks and waves. Not only will this provide your hair with a much-needed holiday from styling, but it will also help to reduce split ends and hair breakage, giving you a little extra time before you next need a trim. 

2. Keep your hair nourished

If you’re not styling your hair as often, you might be tempted to not bother with it at all. Big mistake. Central heating, a lack of fresh air and a lack of fruit and vegetables can still have a harmful impact on your hair. 

Follow your usual shampoo, conditioner and leave-in routine – avoiding over or under-washing.  

3. Give your hair a treat

We could all do with a little treat right now, so why not start with your hair? Order in some intensive hair treatments – we thoroughly recommend the Let It Go Circle conditioner by Davines. 

Take a bath, condition your hair and have a 15-minute pretend that everything in the world is normal. 

4. Don’t reach for the bottle

We know the temptation to reach for the home colouring bottle will be strong when your roots come through. However, if you’re tempted to dye your hair at home, remember that box colour does not account for your hair texture, health, thickness, condition or current colour. This means that the result on the front of the box isn’t what you’ll achieve in real life and, instead, you could suffer from damaged hair and a colour that’s difficult to remove at the salon. 

Instead, we recommend L’Oréal Hair Touch Up or Colour Wow Root Cover Up for a wash-in, wash-out fix.

5. Try different styles 

With lots of time and little to do, why not experiment with some different hairstyles. We have lots of inspiration on our Instagram page, and there are plenty of YouTube videos out there showing you how to get creative with some hairbands and bobby pins. 

6. Don’t cut it

We know that times might be tough, but whatever you’re going through, don’t cut your hair. Not only are your kitchen scissors going to damage your ends, but hair decisions made in drastic times are usually regretted. 

If you feel the urge to go for something different, spend your time now getting together a selection of style you like, ready for when you can get back to the salon. 

7. Plan for better times

The coronavirus pandemic will come to an end one day, and we want to make sure you celebrate that day when it comes. Whether that’s a trim, hair colour, going short or treating the girls to an adult pamper party, we can’t wait to see you back. 


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