In-salon hair treatments explained

In-salon hair treatments explained

Strong, healthy and beautiful hair is your quest, and in-salon hair treatments can help you achieve it. But what do all the different hair treatments do and which one is the perfect solution for your tresses?

At Mack Hair and Beauty, we have a lavish selection of different hair treatments at our salon in Rugby. Whatever your hair type, problem or goal, we have the in-salon hair treatment to for. To help you decide, let’s take a look at what’s on the menu.

Redken Chemistry

Redken Chemistry is a range of scientifically advanced hair treatments that can transform hair health, no matter the condition. The two-step treatment replenishes hair proteins and natural oils, and the four different formulas can be used alone or in a cocktail of three.

    • All soft – turning dry, brittle hair into soft, strong and shiny locks.
    • Extreme – delivering strength and fortification to chemically distressed hair.
    • Volume – transforming fine, flat hair into thick, voluminous locks using Fillozane.
    • Colour Extend – protecting colour-treated hair from fading and dullness.


If you read our recent blog on why you need a PH bonder in your life, then you’ll already know a little about Olaplex. Olaplex is a patented 5-step system that prevents breakage and repairs hair bonds during and after colouring your hair. This results in improved elasticity, added smoothness and impressive shine – a must-add for any colour service.


We are in love with Davines at the moment, and their in-salon luxury hair masks have only deepened our obsession. Named the Circle Chronicles and formulated in the Italian city Parma, Davines has a hair mask for every occasion, delivering fast and targeted results:

  • The Let It Go Circle – relax with a hair and scalp mask that delivers a true wellbeing experience of softness, hydration and comfort.
  • The Purity Circle – revitalise hair subject to environmental factors with this detoxifying, anti-oxidant treatment that eliminates impurities from pollution, dust, and heavy metals.
  • The Renaissance Circle – give a new life to heat-damaged hair with this extreme repair mask that restores shine, nourishment and softness.
  • The Wake-Up Circle – invigorate your hair and scalp with this voluminous and energising treatment that restores tone and hydration to stressed hair.
  • The Quick Fix Circle – regenerate your hair with this straight-to-work mask that moisturises and untangles hair, making it soft, silky and stronger.
  • The Spotlight Circle – shine as never before with this shine-boosting, colour-enhancing, lightweight treatment.


    Redken Heatcure is a heat-activated treatment that penetrates through the hair cuticle to the cortex, restoring hair’s healthy look and feel for up to 10 weeks. The treatment is applied to cleansed and towel-dried hair and then activated by a specially designed tool, suitable for fine-medium, coarse and curly hair.


    And finally, if you’re looking for a smoothing treatment that eliminates frizz, locks in colour and enhances shine for up to 12 weeks, Nanokeratin is ideal. By adding back the hair’s natural keratin, this smooth blow-dry delivers long-lasting, impactful results.

    We told you it was a lavish selection. If you’d like to add one of these in-salon treatments to your next colour or blow-dry service, book an appointment now.

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