The biggest 7 waxing myths debunked

The biggest 7 waxing myths debunked

We’ve all heard them – waxing horror stories and tales that make your hairs fall out on their own. But how many of them are true? At our hair and beauty salon, we provide a full suite of waxing treatments in Rugby, and we thought it was about time that we addressed the biggest waxing myths head-on, explaining the reality (and science) behind the truth.

1. Waxing hurts a lot

Let’s get the biggest myth of them all out of the way first. Waxing is the process of applying something that sticks to your hairs, and removing it, pulling your hairs from their follicles. This can be painful, but, depending on the person, the area and the time of the month, that pain varies considerably. Some won’t bat an eyelid, while some may shed a tear, and any pain is short-lived and deemed, by most, worthwhile.

If you’re concerned about pain, then speak to us about what you can do before, during and after treatments to make it more bearable.

2. Your hairs have to be long

While wax needs something to grab onto, long hairs can actually make the waxing process harder. This is because long hairs can break before the root, leaving hair in the follicle. Ideally, your hairs should be at least 4 mm long and no longer than 2 cm – meaning that you don’t have to endure an uncomfortable period of regrowth before booking your next appointment.

3. Your lips hairs will grow back quicker and thicker

This is a common myth that we hear out and about. But, if it were true, then top lip waxing would be used by moustache-envy men across the globe. Thankfully, for us ladies, it’s not. Removing hair from the hair follicle can’t alter your hair-growing genetics to cause bushy beards or midnight shadows. If anything, waxing over time can damage the hair follicle, causing finer hairs and less regrowth – a much better outcome.

4. You can’t wax when you’re pregnant

Waxing is probably the last thing on your mind as a pregnant lady, but nothing is stopping you from continuing your waxing routine while carrying a little one. Your hormones may make the skin a little more sensitive, resulting in slightly more pain, but waxing certainly doesn’t pose a risk for carrying mothers. If you’re concerned, however, speak to your doctor or midwife.

5. Waxing gives you wrinkles

We hadn’t actually heart this myth ourselves until we started delving into waxing folklore. But, some people believe that waxing, especially facial waxing, stretches the skin and causes fine lines. The truth is that any professional waxer won’t allow your skin to stretch because that doesn’t result in a good wax job. Instead, your skin is held taut to maximise hair removal. Your collagen is safe with us!

6. You shouldn’t wax the top of your eyebrows

Yes and no. The top of your brows defines your natural eyebrow shape and, therefore, should be kept intact to reflect your natural beauty. But, there’s absolutely no problem removing upper-brow stray hairs or manipulating the top of your brows to achieve a different style. If you are considering venturing upwards, speak with a professional to get the best outcome.

7. Waxing lasts for months

We wish! The length of your silky-smooth-hair-free skin depends on the person and the area. Some people can book in for a brazillian wax every six weeks, while others need their underarms waxed every three. After your first few sessions, your waxer will be able to advise on the best waxing cycle for you. And, while we’re on the topic of regrowth, there’s no guarantee that waxing will result in permanent hair removal. For some, it can result in thinner hair and reduced regrowth over time, and for others, it simply results in a month of hassle-free showers.

Ready to just do it?

The best way to debunk these myths and see for yourself is to book in for a waxing appointment. With our professional waxing service in Rugby, you’ll be put at ease, talked through the process and receive a waxing treatment that you’ll want to return for. And, if you have any questions at all, just pop us a message on social media.

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