Davines Alchemic creative colour conditioner

Davines Alchemic creative colour conditioner

At the end of last year (between wedding bells, a travelling wave-off and the Christmas mayhem), we introduced the new Davines Alchemic creative colour conditioners. We’ve had lots of enquiries about this new product line, so we thought what better place to write about it, than in our blog.

What is Davines Alchemic colour conditioner?

Davines Alchemic is a shampoo and conditioner range that contains pure colour pigments that are deposited on the hair surface. Depending on the shade chosen, the Davines Alchemic range can boost shine, revive tones and even create temporary colour in as little as 5-8 minutes.

What colours can I create?

The original Alchemic range came in six different tones: Silver, Golden, Tobacco, Chocolate, Copper and Red. These can be used alone or together for intensifying and brightening natural and cosmetic colours.

The new Davines Alchemic creative colour conditioner range comes in a variety of fairytale colours, including pink, lavender, coral, blue and teal. These are great for temporarily adding a beautiful new colour to your hair, that fades after several shampoos.

How long does it last?

The current condition of your hair and the shade you opt for all determine how long your fairytale romance will last. Roughly, you can expect:

Natural hair to retain the colour for 2-4 washes;
Pre-lightened hair to retain the pink and lavender colours for 5-6 washes; and
Pre-lightened hair to retain the blue and teal colours for 8-10 washes.

This product doesn’t modify the original colour of your hair – it merely layers the outside of the hair strand with the pure colour pigments. Therefore natural and healthy hair may retain the colour for less time than porous or bleached hair.

How to use

After shampooing naturally light blonde or bleached hair, add a walnut-sized amount of conditioner to the length and ends of your hair and leave in for 5-8 minutes. Then wash out with warm water and style as usual.

If you want a more pastel-shade, dilute the product with white conditioner; and if you want a more intense colour, try applying to dry hair.

What are the benefits?

This alternative way of adding a dash of colour to your hair has plenty of benefits.

Speed – the products work in as little as five minutes, enabling you to achieve a quick colour change with minimal effort.

Temporary effects – the non-permanent effect of this range allows you to experiment with different colours and looks without the expense (or damage) of constantly changing your colour.

Gentle care – the gentle cleansing ingredients delicately preserve existing colour, extending the life of your shade.

Hydration – the range also contains hydrolysed milk proteins that deeply moisturise your hair, protect it against damage and preventing split ends.

Where can I buy Davines Alchemic creative colour conditioners?

From us! We’re an official Davines stockist, meaning that you can swing by and pick up your new temporary hair colour from our salon in Rugby. And, if you love the results, you can book in for a more permanent change in the future.

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