Why you need a PH bonder in your hair’s life

Why you need a PH bonder in your hair’s life

Often you’ll hear us refer to PH bonders in this blog, in the salon and pretty much whenever we can bring them up in conversation. Why? Because they are hugely beneficial to your hair and it’s about time that we dedicated a blog to why you need a PH bonder in your life.

Your hair has a tough time staying healthy. Hairdryers, straighteners, cold weather, styling products and hair accessories can all take their toll on your locks. And, if you colour your hair, then it’s having an even tougher time. So any precaution that you can take to protect your hair against these necessary evils is a good thing, and this is where PH bonders come in.

The science

In very basic terms, your hair is made up of keratin proteins that bond together to form long and unbroken chains in your hair strands.

However, heat, styling and particularly colouring your hair can break these bonds and chains. Once broken, hair strands are more susceptible to damage, splitting, breakage and brittleness.

A PH bonder works to minimise bond damage during colouring and then temporarily re-bond any keratin protein chains that become damaged.

The application

You may have heard of PH bonders being applied in stages, and you’ve definitely heard right. Typically, there’s a three-part process of using PH bonders when colouring your hair.

Stage 1 – The first PH bonder is mixed with the developer. This works to protect your hair bonds during colouring by strengthening the bonds to reduce breakage.

Stage 2 – The second PH bonder is applied after your colour has processed and is left on for 10 minutes. This works to repair any broken bonds while also smoothing the hair’s cuticle for shine and softness.

Stage 3 – The third PH bonder is used weekly at home on wet hair. Left in for 10 minutes before washing, this works to continue repairing bonds and maintain natural PH levels.

Stage 4 & 5 – Ok, there’s an optional fourth and fifth stage too. Using a bond maintenance shampoo and conditioner, you can continue protecting and repairing your hair during every wash.

The results

Well, they almost speak for themselves. Stage one results in less overall damage to hair and the following stages result in reduced hair breakage, improved elasticity, added smoothness and impressive shine.

And, the best part is that PH bonders are suitable for all hair types and colouring treatments. Whether you’re getting highlights or balayage, embracing your natural curls or going for a semi-permanent colour change in time for Christmas.

Does Mack Hair & Beauty use PH bonders

Absolutely. We recommend the use of stage one and two PH bonders to all of our clients having their hair coloured. And, we sell stages three, four and five, so that clients can continue protecting their hair at home.

About Mack Hair and Beauty

At Mack Hair and Beauty, we’re passionate about strong, healthy and good looking hair. That’s why we only use and stock the best products out there for hair health.

If you’re like to know more about protecting your hair during colouring, give us a call today.

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