Roucou oil – the oil of all oils

Roucou oil – the oil of all oils

We know, we know – there’s always a next big thing in the world of hair care, promising miraculous results in minimum time and at maximum cost. But with roucou oil being described as the hair whisperer and pitched as better than argan oil, we could resist giving it a try. And then we couldn’t resist telling you the results.

What roucou oil

Roucou oil comes from the achiote tree, also known as the lipstick tree (which we love). It’s native to the Amazon rainforest and is instantly recognisable thanks to its vibrant pink flowers and heart-shaped red fruit. Roucou oil is harvested from this fruit and has found its way over to the UK in a selection of professional haircare products and to the delight of the Mack team.

Why is roucou oil so good for hair

Roucou oil doesn’t just come for a pretty-sounding plant. It’s rich in hair-loving vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin B, beta-carotene and ellagic acid, it contains natural antioxidants and UV protection, and it stimulates the production of melanin and collagen.

Together, these roucou oil features are said to result in:

Healthier scalps;
Stronger hair strands;
Less frizz;
More hair growth;
Fewer greys; and
Increased hydration.

Even better, it’s said to slow down the hair ageing process. In other words, roucou oil is liquid gold for your hair.

What hair results are we seeing

Roucou oil wouldn’t be the first hair care product to make outstanding claims that turned into limp results. So, after hearing the buzz, we introduced the product into our Rugby hair salon to try it for ourselves.

The outcome? Manageable, silky, soft, frizz-free and shiny hair. We love it, and if that wasn’t enough, then the smell alone sold it to us. It’s been a perfect addition to our autumn hair care routine, and we’re looking forward to seeing how this product performs through the rest of the year.

How to add roucou oil to your hair routine

Before you jump onto EasyJet to see how much a flight to the Amazon rainforest will set you back, roucou oil is now available in the UK, as a key ingredient in Davines OI range.

This Italian high-end haircare range has developed a collection of ethical and sustainable products all containing this miraculous oil.

The OI shampoo and conditioner deliver volume, softness and shine without weighing your hair down, and the OI oil is perfect for nourishing the lengths and ends of your locks. Together, these deliver extraordinary shine and softness for all hair types. And, if your skins feeling a little left out, you can treat it to some roucou oil OI body wash – we just hope that it’s as anti-ageing on our skin as it is on our hair.

If you’re interested in discovering the hype about roucou oil, then pop into the salon to see our OI haircare range and add it to your Christmas list.

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