Wear it Pink Day at Mack Hair and Beauty

Wear it Pink Day at Mack Hair and Beauty

Last Friday, Mack Hair and Beauty celebrated Breast Cancer Now’s Wear it Pink Day in style – with lots of pink, cakes, fundraising, and awareness about this important event.

Breast cancer in the UK

55,000 women will contract breast cancer this year, and 11,500 will die from it. It’s the UK’s most common cancer, and it affects everyone – from the brave sufferers and their families to their friends and work colleagues.

But things are changing. Breast cancer research and care charity, Breast Cancer Now, believes that by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live. But, to achieve this goal, considerable research is needed and funds required.

How we’re helping

Last week we donned our aprons, left the black at home, and emptied our tip jars as we celebrated national Wear it Pink Day, organised by the one and only Charly-Jade – our apprentice hairdresser.

Highlights of the event included:

? Megan’s Lotus Biscuit cheesecakes
? Kayleigh’s white chocolate, mini cheesecakes
? Pink lemonade
? Pink bunting and balloons
? And, of course, lots more cake by Charly-Jade.

And that wasn’t all. In the process, we fundraised £132.60 for Breast Cancer Now and raised essential awareness about this horrible disease.

How you can get involved

If you didn’t get chance to sample some of Kayleigh, Charly-Jade & Megan’s cakes, then don’t worry – we’ll be collecting funds throughout the rest of October, or you can donate directly here.

If you want to hold your own Wear it Pink Day (pink looks good at any time of the month), then sign up here to download the fundraising materials.

And, if you really want to make a difference – check yourself now. Breast Cancer Awareness Month might be taking place in October, but you should be checking yourself for bumps, lumps and anything out of the ordinary every month. Start now by:

? Reading this essential guide to checking your assets;
? Knowing the signs and symptoms that necessitate a doctor’s visit;
? Attending regular screening if you’re over 50;
? And signing up to CoppaFeel’s monthly and free text message and email reminders to check your boobs.

No one should die from breast cancer, and together, we can make that happen.