Autumn hair care – hair tips for the fall

Autumn hair care – hair tips for the fall

It’s officially autumn, which means cozy evenings, fluffy jumpers and bucket loads of hot chocolate. But what does it mean for your hair? This week, we’re looking at autumn hair care tips, and the steps you should take to prepare for the cooler days ahead.

1. Wash out the summer

We’re not suggesting that you haven’t washed this summer, but we are suggesting that your hair is having a hard time letting go of all your summer fun. Sunscreen, salt, chlorine, insect repellant, body sprays and much more build up in your hair over the summer. This can cause greasy roots, limp lengths and dry ends.

The solution? Book in for a trim to cut away any irreparable damage and then refresh your locks with a cleansing shampoo and conditioner.

2. Amp up the moisture

The (little) extra sunshine and heat we had this year will have stripped some vital moisture out of your hair. But luckily, now is the perfect time for rehydrating your locks before the heating goes on.

At our hair salon in Rugby, we recommend all our clients do the following:

Use those snuggly autumnal evenings to leave your hair mask in for longer than usual – you can even wrap your hair up into a shower cap to really lock in the moisture;
Switch to products with moisture-boosting ingredients such as the one and only Moroccan Oil range; and
Using Opalex if you’ve had your hair coloured or highlighted.

3. Dial down the tones

As the evenings get darker and cooler, so will your sun-kissed highlights. Autumn is the ideal month for taking your hair colour down a shade or two. Think caramel blondes, chocolate browns and autumnal reds. If you’ve not coloured your hair before, then find out everything you need to in our recent blog: colouring your hair for the first time.

4. Turn up the volume

Big hair can be a big problem in the summer, thanks to those hot and humid vacations. But as the temperature drops, so does your hair volume, which can leave you feeling a little flat.

If you’re looking to retain your summer volume this autumn, then we’re seeing great results from the new OI hair range by Davines – giving all hair types that extra oomph. If you haven’t got plans to fly to the States for your fix, then don’t worry, we’ve got plenty in stock at the salon.

5. Stock up on the vitamins

Speaking of stock, it’s time to stock up on essential vitamins and minerals to protect your hair’s health. Keeping your vitamin and mineral levels up in the summer is easy thanks sunshine, seafood and fruity cocktails (they count, right!?) In the autumn, it can be a litter harder. Invest in a multi-vitamin for all-around hair and body health.

And those are our top autumn hair care tips. While the autumnal months aren’t as harsh as winter or summer, they are an opportunity to refresh your strands and prepare them for the season ahead.



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