Colouring your hair for the first time – everything you need to know (pt.2)

Colouring your hair for the first time – everything you need to know (pt.2)

This time last week we were talking dyes, colours and salons in the first part of our “Colouring your hair for the first time” blog series. Now it’s time for part two, as we take a look at the preparation, colouring process and aftercare involved in dying those tresses something new. Let’s get colouring (part two!)

Colouring your hair for the first time – preparation

Once the decision-making process is well and truly over, you can sit back and relax – literally. Dying is stressful for your hair. To best protect its health, it’s good to give you hair a little love and attention in the weeks leading up to your salon visit, such as:

Sitting back and relaxing with a deep conditioning hair mask once a week (see, we told you there’d be chill time);
Booking in for a trim before, or at the time of your colouring; and
Minimising heat styling or investing in a good heat protection spray – our girls love Extreme Play Safe by Redken.

48-hour before the big event, you’ll need to pop into the salon for a patch test. This involves putting a small dab of colour behind your ear or on your wrist to ensure that you have no allergic reactions to the dye.

You’ll also need to avoid washing your hair the day before or the day of your colouring (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!)

Mack hair colour rugby pink

Colouring your hair for the first time – the salon

It’s colouring day and we’re never more excited than when someone is colouring their hair for the first time (ok, maybe when we’re doing wedding hair and beauty but first time hair colouring is definitely when we’re our second most excited!)

What to expect when we’re colouring your hair for the first time? Well, firstly, some time. Rushing hair colour involves sacrificing hair health, and we’re not into that. Set aside enough time to let us work our magic, while you relax with a magazine, book or some chit chat.

What else to expect? At Mack Hair and Beauty we use Redken (a high-quality and nourishing hair dye), a PH bonder to seal the cuticle and prevent damage, and toner (if required) to neutralise tones and add shine.

Mack hair colour rugby PH Bonder

Depending on the degree of colour change you’re going for, you might need more than one trip to the salon, but we’ll let you know about this at your colour consultation.

Colouring your hair for the first time – afterwards

And, once your colour transformation is complete, the fun doesn’t stop there. To make the most of your newly coloured locks, you should:

Book in for a touch-up appointment before you leave – that way it won’t fall to the bottom of your to-do list;
Talk to us about the best products for enhancing your colour and protecting your hair; and
Tag us in all of your of before-and-after photos ?

Mack hair colour rugby shampoo

And that’s the 101 for colouring your hair for the first time. If you’re like to speak to us about popping your colour cherry, pop into the salon or give us a call.

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