Summer hair colour – how to get & protect the perfect summer shades

Summer hair colour – how to get & protect the perfect summer shades

Sun, sea, sand and sangria – everything is brighter in the summer, and your hair should be no different. With summer being one of the most popular and harshest times to colour your hair, we’re sharing our top tips for keeping your summer hair colour bright, bold and beautiful.

Summer hair colour preparation

The secret to vibrant and healthy summer hair colour is having vibrant and healthy hair in the first place. Keep your hair in excellent condition all year round by:

● Reducing split ends with regular trims – we recommend every six to eight weeks or as you start noticing dry and brittle hair strands;

● Using a weekly deep conditioning hair mask – we love the smell and effects of Redken – colour extend magnetics, but any intensive treatment is better than none; and

● Adding a drop of oil to your regular hair care routine – ideally after towel drying and before styling.

Summer hair colouring

The depth and length of your new summer hair colour is directly influenced by the products and processes used during the colouring itself. For the healthiest and longest hair colour, ensure that your stylist:

● Uses a high-quality and nourishing hair dye – at Mack Hair and Beauty we use Redken for this very reason;

● Uses a PH bonder throughout the treatment to prevent damage, seal the cuticle and add smoothness; and

● Finishes with a toner to neutralise tones and add shine.

Summer hair colour maintenance

Sun, breeze, salt and chlorine – the perfect ingredients for a long hot summer, and the perfect ingredients for dullness, breakage and dryness. Protect your freshly coloured locks from:

● Colour fade by using a hat or silk scarf to keep your hair out of direct sunlight;

● Drying out by avoiding hot styling tools, keeping insect repellant out of your hair and using a deep conditioning treatment regularly; and

● Chemical damage by prefacing any pool dip with a freshwater hair dip to – giving less space for your hair to absorb chlorinated water.

Summer hair colour products

We’re going to let you into a little secret: there’s a reason that hair products dedicated to coloured hair exist – they work. Don’t waste the above investment of time and effort only to skimp out at the final hurdle. Treat your summer colour to:

● A colour-specific shampoo and conditioner – these are free of dulling parabens and sulphates and full of colour nourishing ingredients (we like the Redken Magnetics range);

● An SPF leave-in conditioner – this keeps your hair hydrated throughout the day and in between conditioning treatments; and

● An intensive deep conditioner – this treats the effects of sunshine, chlorine and heat damage.

Summer hair colour happiness

And that’s all it takes to protect and maintain your colour throughout the summer. If you’d like to speak to us about your specific hair colour routine during the hotter months or at any other time of the year, book an appointment, pop into the salon or give us a call.

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