It’s a nice day for a white wedding – wedding hair and beauty checklist

It’s a nice day for a white wedding – wedding hair and beauty checklist

Perfect wedding day hair and makeup don’t just happen. It’s the result of months (and months) of hard work, preparation and dedication – starting now. If you’re planning a 2020 wedding, we’re here to help, with our ultimate wedding hair and beauty checklist for your big day. 

Starting now – get thinking

The good thing is that you are here, which means that you’ve already started thinking about your wedding hair and makeup (or at least the person sending you this link is). Carry that momentum forward by starting:


While you don’t need to decide the exact hairstyle you want right now, you do need a general idea – especially if it involves growing your hair out or preparing for colouring. Pick up some bridal magazines, get pinning on Pinterest and start following our Instagram for inspiration. 

⬜ Haircare 

Long, short, up, down, straight or curly – it doesn’t matter what wedding hairstyle you pick, all that matters is it’s healthy. Start caring for your hair with weekly conditioning treatments, regular trims and styling protection. 

Six months before – get pampering

The countdown to your wedding and, more importantly, your wedding hair and makeup is well and truly on. This means:

⬜ Facials

Facials get rid of impurities, rejuvenate your skin and give you a moment’s peace – if you love the sound of that then start implementing them into your beauty regime now. We recommend a facial every one to two months, especially during wedding planning. 


Take a look at our beauty services page for pampering inspiration. 

⬜ Hairstylist and makeup artist

Six months may feel like ages away, but it’s nothing when you look at a hair stylist or makeup artists’ calendar. Book your pre-wedding hair and makeup trial and your wedding day hair and makeup sessions now – and don’t forget your bridesmaids. 

Speak to us about our wedding day hair and beauty package that includes consultations, trials, wedding day hair and makeup and prosecco. 

Two months before – wedding hair decisions

The final wedding preparation bits and pieces are taking place, and they should also include:

⬜ Hair accessories

Wedding planning is full of decision making, and unfortunately, it’s not over yet. Wedding hair accessories come in all shapes and sizes – from stunning cathedral veils to subtle behind-the-ear flowers. Narrow down your favourites ready for your wedding hair trial. 

⬜ Beauty habits

Good beauty habits are always on our to-do lists – but these last two months really matter. That means drinking more water, getting more sleep, deep conditioning your hair and taking your makeup off before bedtime. 

One month before – surviving the hen do

One month to go means one month to get everything sorted – eeek! Luckily you’ll have time to relax with:

⬜ Hair and makeup trials

Allowing you try different styles and know what to expect on the big day, your hair and makeup trials should be relaxed, fun and useful. Come armed with a couple of styles to try out, wear a top with a similar neckline to your dress and don’t forget your hair accessories. 

⬜ Hen do

If your hen do looks set to involve sunshine, sea and spirits don’t forget to pack the sunblock, intensive conditioner and aspirin – you’ll thank us later. 

Two weeks before – final wedding hair and makeup prep

Everything should finally be starting to fall in place, leaving you just enough time for:

⬜ Final cut and colour

You’ll have your personal preference on when your hair length and colour looks its best after a salon visit, but we’re putting it here to be extra safe. 

⬜ Don’t change a thing

It doesn’t matter how much social media is raving about it, or how much of a discount you have – do not try any new products, treatments or regimes until after the wedding. You don’t know how your skin or hair will react, and the last thing you want on your wedding day is a red face or itchy scalp. 

One week before – not long to go

Your time is nearly here, but not before you’ve booked in for:

⬜ Waxing, threading and plucking

Attend any hair removal appointments in the week leading up to your wedding, to avoid any redness or sensitivity on your wedding day. 

⬜ Massage

Wedding planning has taken over your life for the past six months with seating plans, menu choices and guestlists keeping you awake at night. Reward yourself with a relaxing massage – you have definitely earned it. 

The day before – it’s nearly here

Getting nervous? Relax – you’ve got it all covered. Spend your last day of freedom getting the following done:

⬜ Nails

You want your wedding day manicure and pedicure to last well into your honeymoon, so save it for last. Most brides opt for a light neutral colour, but it’s your day so pick what you want – just don’t forget the glass of prosecco with it. 

⬜ Me time

It’s a lot easier said than done, but if you can find just a couple of minutes to yourself before the big day, it will make a big difference. Relax with just a coffee and your thoughts about an exciting future that’s about to begin. 

The wedding hair and makeup big day

We have the confetti and tissues at the ready, your hair and beauty team have the tools and products lined up – all you need to do is be pampered and say I do. 


Happy wedding day!

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