In the summer time, when the weather is fine – top summer hair care tips

In the summer time, when the weather is fine – top summer hair care tips

Summer has finally arrived (we think) – but as you prepare for alfresco dining, warm nights and sandy stays, what are you doing, and packing, to protect your hair? Read on as we talk about sun, heat, frizz and chlorine and share our top tips for keeping your locks looking as great as your tan.

Summer hair care tip #1 – sun protection

Your skin isn’t the only thing that can be harmed by the sun. UV rays damage hair, making it dry, brittle and faded. Avoid the harm and protect your locks by:

● Removing existing damage and split ends by booking in for a pre-holiday trim;

● Using UV hair protectants, including leave-in sprays and serums like Redken One United & Rebel Tame; and

Keeping your hair hydrated with nourishing masks and conditioning treatments.

Summer hair care tip #2 – heat damage

Your hair is going to be exposed to a lot of heat over the coming months (at least, we hope!) – and hot styling tools will only make the damage worse. Give your hair a break from the rising temperatures by:

● Skipping the hairdryer and, instead, using a microfibre towel to absorb excess water and then letting your hair dry naturally with the essential No Blowdry cream by Redken;

● Avoiding straighteners and embracing your natural waves and curls; and

● Combining any necessary heat styling with a heat protection spray like Extreme Play Safe by Redken.

Summer hair care tip #3 – frizz

Humidity, air-con and the sea breeze – a recipe for frizz disaster. If your hair suffers at the turn of the season, reduce frizz by:

●  Adding a drop of oil or serum to your hair after washing, followed by a humidity proofing treatment like Color WOW Dream Coat;

● Embracing the up-do with messy buns, loose braids and low ponytails; and#● Investing in a high-quality moisturising shampoo and conditioner- we’re loving the new Frizz Dismiss haircare range from Redken.

Pro tip: keep your hair frizz-free all summer long with a Nanokeratin Smoothing Treatment.

Summer hair care tip #4 – colour protection

Summer is the time for lighter shades, brighter highlights and golden colours – too bad the sun has different ideas. Protect your new summer colour from fading by:

● Washing your hair with cold water (it’s good for your colour, and it’s bearable in the heat);

● Covering your hair with a light scarf or hat during peak sunshine hours; and

● Asking your hair stylist to use an Olaplex salon treatment following colouring, to protect your hair and make your colour last.

Summer hair care tip #5 – chlorine

That infinity pool might look great on your Insta account, but it doesn’t look great on your hair. Chlorine works its way into your hair shaft – depositing chemicals and stripping out natural oils. But, before you run and jump into the sea – salt water is just as bad. Avoid dry, knotty and brittle hair by:

● Washing and conditioning your hair before you plunge into the pool;

● Wearing a swim cap (we know, we know – but if you can face it, it’s worth it); and

● Following up any pool dives or sea dips with an intense conditioning treatment – we recommend Olaplex No3 treatment & All Soft Mega Mask by Redken.

Pro tip: speak to your stylist about the benefits of leave-in conditioners and how to apply.

Summer hair care tip #6 – normality

And, when the bikini is packed away, the washing done and the summer nights a distant memory, treat your summer locks to:

● A healthy trim to remove any summer damage and prepare for the winter;

● A professional conditioning treatment such as Heatcure, to restore moisture, oils and love; and

● An hour’s holiday reminiscing with your stylist.

And last, but by no means least – enjoy!


Happy summer from the team at Mack Hair Salon ☀️